Top Ten Apps Every iPhone or iPad User Needs

You’re the Best Around, January 11, 2012.

  1. Calculator. Calculator HD ($0.99) and PCalc Lite (Free), are great iPad apps.
  2. Alarm clock. Nightstand Central is the best clock app. There are free versions, but the (iPad and iPhone) versions at $0.99 are worth the price. The iPad version is regularly $2.99, and is on sale for a short time.
  3. Weather. WeatherBug, Free (iPhone and Android) or The Weather Channel, Free (iPad/iPhone/Android)
  4. Find my iPhone. Lose your iPhone or iPad? Track it’s location from any computer with this free app.
  5. Documents. GoodReader (iPad/$4.99 or iPhone/$0.99) is the best app for viewing documents (PDF, Word, and more).
  6. News. Flipboard, Free (iPad/iPhone) is a social magazine you build yourself.
  7. Speech to Text. DragonDictation, Free (iPad/iPhone). The technology behind this app powers Siri on the iPhone 4S. It won’t schedule appointments for you, but is great for dictating short notes.
  8. Photo editor. Filterstorm ($3.99) or Both are universal apps for both iPad and iPhone. Snapseed was Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2011 and is now being released for Android. Filterstorm Pro ($14.99) is available for those who need to edit multiple images at once.
  9. Camera app. The iPhone’s native camera app is vastly improved since the update to iOS 5. But Camera+ ($0.99) and Top Camera ($2.99) are better. Camera+ is regularly $1.99.
  10. Angry Birds. No list is complete with out this game. Enough said.

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