Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure a year? In my case, in 140 characters or less. Here is how 2010 went for the VandeVenters, Twitter-haiku style. From the highs of a new family, to the lows of a third miscarriage, to the fear of cancer. Here’s hoping 2011 gets the message. “We’ve had enough, thank you!”

New Year brings a lot
of plans. So much to do and
see.  What to do first?

Valentines Day is
so sweet. Just the family.
Life’s never better.

Not much news. Chris goes
to Washington, D.C. First
of two trips this year.

Oh happy day. It’s
another baby on the way.
So much excitement.

Everything is
great. Work, play, friends, trips, and planning
for the new baby.

Molar pregnancy.
Our third miscarriage. Can’t have
any more children.

Road trip to Sturgis.
Shannon’s 20th high school
reunion. Good times.

Cancer? WTF?!
Seriously, you’re starting
To piss us off, Life!

Surgery, chemo.
Road to recovery is
long, but within reach.

Fighting with chemo,
nausea, and a toddler.
Lord, give us patience.

Normalcy returns.
Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, and/
cake. Carter turns two.

Last chemo is done,
But Carter’s now afraid of
the dark. Go figure.

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