AM Radio

My radio debut is today. Listen as I ramble on about the iPad, photograpy, and this blog. The show is the Red Wild Show, with Brian Matthews, aka Red Sneaker, and Scott Wild. They are thinking of making me a regular contributor, the “iPad Poobah.” I’m taking suggestions on an alternate title.

The show is broadcast Mondays on URLRadio (Bismarck’s best Internet radio station)  at 10:30 am Central. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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One Response to AM Radio

  1. Scott Wild says:

    How about Electric Pixel Wrangler? 🙂

    Just to clarify. We are “not thinking of” making you a regular on the show. It’s a DONE DEAL. You WILL be a regular on the show! (if you will have us). 😉

    You did a great job and we look forward to cutting more episodes with the Mighty DCMACNUT!

    Game On!

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