I’m Mr. Lonely

I was supposed to be in Denver tonight. I had a previously scheduled business trip that Shannon and I thought wouldn’t be a problem. But after our adventures this weekend, I canceled it this morning. I had no idea she’d be admitted. Or I could be psychic on a subliminal level.

I fly upwards of 25,000 miles a year for business, and I’m grateful that work has been flexible the last few weeks. The meeting will still go on. I serve on the resolutions committee for an organization that represents cooperative and municipal utilities that receive federal hydropower from the Missouri River dams. The issues this year are in the very capable hand of the other committee members.

One man in particular is the committee’s chairman. His wife was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer back in March. He and his wife know exactly what we’re going through, and he has been tremendously helpful as we try to make sense of things.

The strange part is that Shannon kept pushing me to go to Denver (before things turned), so I could have some time to myself and get a good night’s sleep after 6 weeks of being on the go. We’ll, she got her wish, though not quite the way she planned it. Our cats probably won’t even keep me company, since our tabby only likes to sleep on her head.

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