Ebony and Ovaries

Chemo day. Just one last stop. The oncologist wanted an ultrasound. Seems that the PET scan she had last week showed a spot on one of her ovaries. Nothing to be terribly concerned about; it was just something to review.

A PET scan seek out and find tumors in a body that have metastasized. According to http://www.wikipedia.org, this is accomplished by a team of bloodhounds and ninja cats. Don’t let anyone else tell you it stands for Positron Emission Tomography. That’s what they want you to think.

If any tumors are found, they show up black on the scan, and that’s what wanted them to take a second look, The ovaries aren’t someplace they’d expect to find cancer, particularly since it wasn’t anywhere else. The ultrasound was just a final step in confirming that, so we got the all clear again.

Up next, the real work begins.

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