Celebrate! Happy Days Are Here Again!

It’s 5 o’clock on Saturday, and we just got the best news in the entire universe. There. Is. No. Metastasis. All of Shannon’s scans are clear. Just one tiny spot on her right pelvis, but in the immortal words of the Governator, “It’s not a tumor!” It’s probably related to a coloposcopy she had done last Tuesday. If there is anything, it is micro tiny invisible, and chemo will take care of things.

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3 Responses to Celebrate! Happy Days Are Here Again!

  1. allie dillon says:

    BEST news that came out of Twitter all day. We’re so happy for you, your wife, and your family! Keep marching forward. Heck, skip. Thanks so much for sharing the good news, Allie D. Austin

  2. Tracie B. says:

    Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Imagine all good words in this space! 🙂

  3. Pat and Dave says:

    This good news was worth the wait–hooray!! Love to all.

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