A little help from our friends goes a long way

Shannon has such a warm, generous spirit, even with everything we’ve been going through. Laughter is one thing we have a surplus of in our house. Last night over a bucket of fried chicken I asked for a breast, and we proceeded to lose it. Then her friends came over tonight to play a board game to get our minds off things. When we were deciding the order of play, Shannon stated “I’ve got breast cancer, so I get to go first.” I love that woman.

No hospital update tonight other than we’ve been there for appointments and tests everyday this week. Last round is tomorrow. I wonder if MedCenter One offers a punch card. I’m thinking nine visits get your tenth free.

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One Response to A little help from our friends goes a long way

  1. kayngreg@msn.com says:

    we have been trying to imagine how it is in your shoes and Shannons shoes. It is hard because it hurts so much looking in from here -we just can hardly stand it imagining your pain and Shannons. The every day appointments-get this fixed-poke here,drawn this, scan that then wait-do more then wait some more. You have lots of support and all but when you put your head on your pillow-it is just you-excersise-build up those shoulders because you are carrying alot already-and more to come. But spread the burden around as you can, for we are all ready and lining up to help-

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