Here we go…

My wife’s a survivor. I’m a survivor. This blog is supposed to serve as an outlet for me as my wife goes through treatment for breast cancer. It has been four weeks since the doctor found the lump and one week since surgery. September 11 is a fitting day to start this blog, since to me today is about surviving and the unbreakable nature of the human spirit. I was living in Washington, DC, on September 11, 2001. I was a victim of the anthrax attacks that paralyzed the mail system one month later. However, it was my wife’s diagnosis that made me most aware of my (our) own mortality. She is the inspiration for my life and this blog.

This blog is for survivors, whether you were in New York, Washington, or have been fighting your own personal battles. It is also for those who went before us. Those who are no longer with us, but still watch over us. I don’t plan on only blogging about cancer or treatments, so this isn’t just another “one of those” blogs. There will be some detours. It may never live up to the idea I have in my head, but if you’re willing to join me, I hope you will find solace, humor, and a few random facts along the way.

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